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Venice in the winter

Venice in Winter

Winter is a great time to visit Italy if you want to avoid overcrowded hotels, hordes of tourists and take advantage of low hotel prices. According to the BitLab report, commissioned by Klaus Davi & Co and produced by Nathan il Saggio, winter tourism in Italy seems to have excellent potential, at least as far as the foreign press is concerned. The study monitored 90 newspapers in 12 foreign countries between September and December, finding 3,714 articles on Italian tourism. Most of them emphasised how winter is a great time to visit Italy. Three trends were identified: the boom of eco-hotels, low-cost skiing, with prices decreasing with respect to the spring and fall seaoson and tours or pacakges  in art cities and shopping. Italy’s south part and Sicily are excellent for long-stay winter holidays ideal for seniors escaping from Northern climates. It is also the best time to travel to the mythical island of Sicily, the most sunny part of the country