A cavalcade of costumes, music and lights. The most grandiose celebrations on the arrival of spring anywhere. It takes palace  in  beautiful Venice  during the Carnival period from February to March starting two Saturdays before Ash Wednesday. The origin of the festival goes back to the 15th century. There are parades, masquerades, costume competition and musical performances all over the city.

Feel free and liberated! Conceal your identity under the disguise of your mask and period costume! Experience the flamboyant extravagance of aristocracy of by-gone eras by attending one of the grandiose balls

This year’s highlights are the different theme balls dedicated to certain periods. There is the Baroque ball, the Verdi Ball, the Renaissance Ball, the Carmen ball or the Bel Canto ball, just to name a few. All grand balls take place in 14th century palaces where guest can enjoy live music with top singers, dancers, musicians and other performers. To attend the balls you have to wear authentic costumes and mask and if your suitcase size is limited, we can arrange for costume rentals if booked in advance.

Venice Carnival