Umbria, the land of St Valentine and St Francis of Assisi is the pretty green heart of Italy of rolling green hills, woods with secluded monasteries, meadows, vineyards and olive groves. It has it own micro climate spring arriving much earlier than at neighboring provinces like Lazio,the more southerly region of Rome.

The celebrations of St. Valentine Day on February 14th go back to pre-Roman times and started as pagan fertility festivities of the Umbri and Etruscan peoples celebrating spring, rebirth and mating time.

Although similar to Tuscany, which it borders, Umbria is slightly less well-known, quieter and with gentler landscape of medieval hamlets and Roman-style villas with serpentine roadways fenced by needle Cyprus trees.

While Umbria is totally land locked in the center of Italy, it has a lively beach-like lifestyle in the summer along Lake Trasimento, the largest lake in the region ideal for water activities.

Umbria is also the legendary land of a thousand saints, among them Saint Francis of Assisi and St Valentine, the third century bishop of Terni. (105 km from Rome)