In 2006 Tuscany registered more than 40 million tourists, for a 5.9% increase with respect to the previous year and an absolute value of 40,497,331 overnights, almost 6% growth in the total number of tourists in 2006 explained Anna Rita Bramerini, the Regional Councillor for Tourism, Trade and Spas, with Italian figures up 5.3% and foreign figures up 6.5% (19,190,000 in absolute values). “These data – she added – tell us that the paths that we have undertaken to overcome the difficulties of the market are correct: innovation, quality, the development of typicality, and integrated promotion”. The lion’s share was taken by the sea, which registered a general increase of 7.9%, with approximately 16,352,000 overnights, of which 4,775,000 were foreign (up 8.3% with respect to 2005) Increased Travel to Tuscany is continuing in 2007