In 2006 Tuscany registered more than 40 million tourists, for a 5.9% increase with respect to the previous year and an absolute value of 40,497,331 overnights, almost 6% growth in the total number of tourists in 2006 explained Anna Rita Bramerini, the Regional Councillor for Tourism, Trade and Spas, with Italian figures up 5.3% and foreign figures up 6.5% (19,190,000 in absolute values). “These data – she added – tell us that the paths that we have undertaken to overcome the difficulties of the market are correct: innovation, quality, the development of typicality, and integrated promotion”. The lion’s share was taken by the sea, which registered a general increase of 7.9%, with approximately 16,352,000 overnights, of which 4,775,000 were foreign (up 8.3% with respect to 2005) Increased Travel to Tuscany is continuing in 2007

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  1. There is another good reason that tourism to Tuscany is increasing, it is still a spectacular place to holiday with everything from Renaissance culture to fabulous landscapes and shopping. But as the Euro strengthens against the US dollar and the GB pound the challenge to Tuscany will be to remain competitive on price against other destinations. That said Tuscany still represents good value for money and is so easy to get to from the UK.When you are travelling don’t forget your travel insurance!

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