A photo quiz : Twelve of the best, Italian food and drink.

Another in our light-hearted series of photo quizzes. A clue is given with each photo. Some are easy some more difficult. Let’s see how well you know Italy and its wonderful gastronomy!

Answers at the bottom of the page.


“Pick me up” with loads of delicious marscapone cheese

Traditionally sold in squat bottle enclosed in a straw base called a ‘fiasco’

The smell of it cooking used to attract clients looking for more than a meal

Bread, similar in style to pizza dough often topped with with onion, cheese or meat


Roman specialty, veal lined or topped with prosciutto and fresh sage


 Toasted bread rubbed with garlic, topped with tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper etc.


 ‘Cooked cream’ dessert

The ‘witch’ with approximately 70 herbal ingredients

Light potato ‘dumplings’ made with potato, egg yolks and flour

The very best ‘prosciutto crudo’, personally nothing like as good as wonderful Spanish ‘jabugo’….

A hard, salty cow’s milk cheese, personally much better than insipid Spanish copies……

cannoli 3

A ‘little tube’ from Sicily, fried with a sweet, creamy filling usually made with ricotta.


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Tiramisu/Chianti/Spaghetti Puttanesca/Focaccia/Saltimbocca/Bruschetta/Panna Cotta/Strega/Gnocchi/Parma Ham/ Parmigiano Reggiano/Cannoli

Rome…….an autumn travel photo quiz

Another in our light-hearted series of photo quizzes. A clue is given with each photo. Some are easy some more difficult. Let’s see how well you know Rome! Answers at the bottom of the page.


Don’t stand in the middle when it’s raining

Throw in a coin and you’ll return to Rome

Once a market, meeting place and court, now home to many stray cats!

A beautiful square, full of restaurants. Move 100 metres away and eat better and cheaper

The ‘wedding cake’, love it or hate it

A statue of Marcus Aurelius dominates the centre

Made even more famous in the film ‘Roman holiday’

Honouring the first Christian emperor

They are not Romans

Veal scallops cooked with white wine, sage and prosciutto, the best of Roman food
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The Pantheon/Trevi Fountain/Roman Forum/Piazza Navona/Victor Emmanuel Monument/The Capitol/Spanish Steps/Constantine Arch/Swiss Guard/ Saltimbocca alla Romana

Italian icons……… a photo quiz

A lighthearted quiz to test your knowledge of some of the Italy’s best known ‘icons’. Answers at the bottom of the page.


Michelangelo’s famous sculpture in the Vatican?


A currant biscuit is named after this Nationalist leader?


The ‘gentleman’s’ Ferrari?


Salami, what does the word mean?


Who are the infants that the Capitoline wolf is feeding?


A puppet that comes to life?


The “Topolino” literally as “little mouse” in Italian was made by?


Once ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World’?

Parma Ham

It rivals the best Serrano ham from Spain?


He wrote the music for the original ‘spaghetti’ westerns?


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La Pieta/Garibaldi/Maserati/ the word sale (salt),terminated with ‘ame’ (collective plural), all kinds of salted meats/Romulus (founder of Rome and his brother Remus/Pinocchio/Fiat, the cinquecento/Gina Lollobrigida/Parma/Ennio Morricone

Italy……an autumn photo quiz

Try our latest photo quiz on Italy and all things Italian. It’s pretty lighthearted and not too difficult. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Palio di Siena

The ‘Palio’ horserace takes place in?
a) Florence
b) Padua
c) Siena
d) The Circus Maximus


Aristotle’s theory of gravity was tested by Galileo where?
a) Bologna
b) Trieste
c) Milan
d) Pisa


The Battle of the Oranges takes place where?
a) Ivrea
b) Sanguigne
c) Arancione
d) Valencia


Which Italian lake is the biggest?
a) Garda
b) Maggiore
c) Como
d) Windermere


Italy has borders with how many countries?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7


From which Italian explorer does the country name ‘America’ derive?
a) Polo
b) Vespucci
c) Columbus
d) da Gama


Which emperor built the Colisseum?
a) Nero
b) Caligula
c) Vespasian
d) Augustus

last supper

Which city houses ‘The last supper’ by da Vinci?
a) Milan
b) Turin
c) Vatican
d) Osteria


Where do the majority of St Andrew’s bones reside?
a) St Andrews
b) Amalfi
c) Andropolis
d) Bari


Which Roman emperor put Capri firmly on the tourist map?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Claudius
c) Tiberius
d) Gracie

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Siena/Pisa/Ivrea/Garda/6 (maybe you forgot the Vatican and San Marino…..)/Amerigo Vespucci/Vespasian/Milan/Amalfi/Tiberius

A quiz……..do really you know Cinque Terre?

A quiz……..do really you know Cinque Terre?

Another light-hearted quiz in our summer series. Answers at the bottom of the page but NO CHEATING!

The Cinque Terre villages are : Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and….?
a) Veneto al Mare
b) Riomaggiore
c) Pescatore Vila
d) Dimenticarsi

In the Cinque Terre, houses are painted in many colours. Why?
a) To make the neighbours jealous
b) To identify individual houses from the sea
c) To encourage foreign tourists
d) In poor years, there was only one paint colour available each year


In October 25, 2011, how many were killed in the famous floods?
a) Nobody
b) 9
c) 90
d) 900
e) Two dogs, sixty rats, seven cats, a three-legged mule and a budgerigar

The villages grew under the military and political supremacy of?
a) Amalfi
b) Genoa
c) Sorrento
d) Little Italy

The ‘Sentiero Azzurro’ is?
a) A brand of beer
b) A dirty old man
c) A footpath
d) A statue of St Mark

Monterosso has a local specialty designated with a Protected Designation of Origin status from the European Union for what?
a) Pecorino cheese
b) Goat’s milk butter
c) Anchovies
d) Razor clams
e) Tripe casserole

Grappa, a local liqueur, is made from?
a) Lark’s vomit
b) Lemon juice
c) A footpath
d) Worms that inhabit the wormwood bark
e) The ‘rubbish’ left after grape pressing

Cinque Terre is, from Turin?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

“Miele di Corniglia,” is?
a) An ice-cream
b) A cake
c) A make of washing machine
d) A pastry cornet stuffed with anchovy cream


Pesto — a local sauce, is made from basil leaves, garlic, salt, olive oil, pecorino cheese and?
a) Tomato
b) Pine nuts
c) Rodents
d) Squash flowers

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Answers: Riomaggiore/ To identify individual houses from the sea/9/Genoa/ A footpath/Anchovies/ The ‘rubbish’ left after grape pressing/south and east/Honey ice-cream/Pine nuts

Italian capitals, cities and places, a photo quiz.

Italian capitals, cities and places, a photo quiz.

Can you identify the following destinations?
Answers are at the bottom of the page but NO CHEATING!

apt 14

Famous for Giotto frescoes


George ‘Clooneyland’


Etna as a backdrop

Milan Italy - @FastLaneMag Travel Tuesday

Fashion centre


Breakfast with a view


Home of several saints


A town of beehives?


The lost city


Home of the Palio


‘’We’ll meet again……’’


“Acqua alta”


Also a Tuscan wine



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Answers: Padua/Lake Como/Taormina/Milan/Positano/ Assisi/Alberobello/Pompeii/Siena/Capri/Venice/Montepuliano

A midsummer quiz on Italy and all things Italian

Answers at the bottom of the page but NO CHEATING!

‘Di tre cose è piena , torri , campane e figli di puttane’ (filled with three things, towers, bells and sons of whores). Where is it?


a) Palermo
b) Siena
c) Naples
d) Turin
e) Puttanesca


St Peter of Vatican fame was?


a) crucified upside down
b) the first ‘pope’
c) a fisherman
d) a man who cut off ears
e) all of them
f) none of them

Which port is known as the ‘Superba’?

a) Bari
b) Genoa
c) Trieste
d) Ostia
e) Brindisi

Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

Look at the photo. Who lived here?

a) King Umberto XI
b) Il Doge
c) Mussolini
d) Berlusconi
e) Caligula


Which city is known as ‘la Bella’?

a) Rome
b) Milan
c) Florence
d) Bellagio
e) Venice

A city which, in Italian, is the anagram for the latin word for ‘love’?

a) Parma
b) Rimini
c) Rome
d) Verona
e) Levo


The Campo dei Miracoli (Place of the Miracles) is where?

a) Vatican City
b) Assisi
c) Pisa
d) Jerusalem
e) Turin

fontana de triton

In the photo, what is the name of the figure in the statue?

a) Neptune
b) Triton
c) Fontus
d) Aquarius
e) Oceanus

If someone tells you that you are doing something ‘con brio’?

a) you thank them
b) you call the police
c) you get arrested as a sexual deviant
d) you apologise to Brio’s wife and family
e) you damn him as a ‘crazy eyetie’


Brunello de Montalcino is?

a) a famous drag queen from Montalcino
b) a red wine
c) the Italian heavyweight boxing champion
d) a type of lemon marmalade
e) a painting by Giotto

‘Lucca’ is?

a) filthy money
b) a medieval city
c) an under-aged porno star beloved of Berlusconi
d) an early form of pizza
e) a renaissance form of chiaroscuro art

Casina delle Civette

Look at the photo. Who lived here?

a) Pinocchio
b) Liberace
c) Garibaldi
d) Mussolini
e) Rossini

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Answers: Siena /all of them / Genoa/ Il Doge/ Florence/ Rome (amor:Roma)/ Pisa/ Triton/ you thank them / a red wine/ a medieval city/Mussolini

Another light-hearted travel quiz on Italy and all things Italian.

 Answers at the bottom of the page but NO CHEATING!


 This type of Italian bread also means ‘slipper’?







 What is common name for the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino?



Alfa Romeo



 Former currencies of Italy were?

 The ‘franc’

The piastra

The lira

The centesimo

The fiorino

The scudo

All of them

None of them


A literal translation of ‘tiramisù’?

 Put me down

Pick me up

Pull me along

Push me towards you

Measure your waist


 The traditional male Venetian mask was originally worn by?

Pig farmers

Plague doctors

Nosey parkers

Casanova’s family and friends

Truffle hunters

’50 Shades of Grey’ bondage fans

 If you are stopped while driving by the Carabinieri, do you?

 Brandish a 50 euro note

Smile and keep your hands on the wheel

Say that your wife is about to have a baby

Say your dad is called Don Corleone and your mum is a nun

Tell them that you don’t  understand a word of Italian, you’re an inviolate U.S. citizen and a personal friend of Obama

Invite them for a couple of Peroni beers

Drive off rapidly in your supercharged Ferrari


Which is the most northerly?







 When a Spaniard pulls his earlobe, he is accusing you of sponging.

When an Italian pulls his earlobe, he is questioning your masculinity.

When a Frenchman strokes under his chin, he is calling you a bore.

 All true

All false

 Driving in Naples, red and green traffic lights are only for decoration?

 Mainly true

Mainly false


 Which Italian lake is shaped like a banjo?








 How many years did it take to complete Milan’s cathedral façade?







 If you ask for a pastrami sandwich in Italy?

 They will look at you suspiciously

They will ask you if you are Romanian or Turkish

They will ask the name of your synagogue

They will ask if you want it on rye bread

Any or all of them


 Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote on a Venetian island famous for malaria problems?

 A lie




Mala Riamus

 When the family of the Venetian Doge became almost depleted, the citizens seized the last male, a monk, from his monastery and ‘forced’ him to father nine boys and three girls.




 The Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, is populated by jewellery shops. Why?

 Gold smells better than rotten meat and offal

Tourists don’t buy much fruit and vegetables

Florence was once a ‘duty free’ zone

It was impossible to tunnel into the vaults from below

Don Papa Vecchio was an ancestor of Gerald Ratner


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Ciabatta/Fiat/All of them/Pick me up/Plague doctors/Smile and keep your hands on the wheel/Trieste/All true/Mainly true/Garda/500/Any or all of them/Torcello/True/Gold smell better than rotten meat and offal