The popular holiday farms sector in the beautiful Province of Siena is experiencing a negative trend of decreased overnight stays. According to the estimates the decrease in overnights from 2007 to 2008 varies between 15 and 30%. Full occupancy is not expected during the upcoming long weekends of the summer and fall season. Up to now bookings have been around 60% of capacity. The trend among both foreign and Italian tourists is to stay for 2 or less nights as opposed to previous years when visitors usually stayed for at least a week. The clientele is changing due to the increased services of many European discounted airlines catering to travelers with preference for short European vacations. According to latest farm house holiday statistics, 20% of visitors are driving vacationers from the USA, 20% from Scandinavian countries, 20% from Belgium, and 10% from Germany, Holland and Great Britain. The remaining 30 percent represents domestic visitors. “Those farm houses that continue to prosper are the ones with loyal customers, thanks to their greater services and higher quality” commented Enrica Bartolini, Chairwoman of Agriturist Siena. Does this mean we can expect price reductions for 2009?