Although Italian beaches are small and overcrowded in July and August when all Italians are vacation, they are safe and well kept. The Foundation for Environmental Education has already inspected Italy’s beaches before the upcoming summer 2008 season. A total of 104 coastal destinations and 56 Italian tourism landings have been awarded a blue flag by the organization this year indicating maximum cleanliness. The greatest number of flags for 2008 were awarded to Tuscany on the west coast and the Le Marche region south of Ravenna and Milano Maritima, with 15 blue flags, followed by Liguria 14, Abruzzo 13 and Campania 11. At the bottom of the list are Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia with two flags each. The best advice though is to visit the beaches in September when the crowds disappear but the weather is still hot and the seawater pleasantly warm