The Umbria National Gallery honors the artist Pinturicchio with an exhibition commemorating his birth 550 years ago. For the first time visitors will be able to admire the collection of paintings and drawings never exhibited together before. Pinturicchio is one of the most interesting characters of the Italian Renaissance closely associated with the city of Perugia. This new exhibition represents an initiative to promote the works of the great Umbrian artists and to draw attention to the stunning artistic and cultural heritage of the region. The Perugia Galery has been expanded to enlarge its exhibition spaces. You can also view the artist’s master pieces in nearby Spello, in the Collegiata di Santa Maria Maggiore, where the Capella Baglioni, better known as the Capella Bella, is the location of one of Pintoricchio’s most impressive masterpieces. In the closeby Pinacoteca Civica a temporary educational display is taking place to provide visitors with detailed information about the historical, artistic and iconographic aspects of the paintings and their location.