Liguria is getting more and more popular among mass market cruise passengers of mediocre cruise ships offering “6 country experience in 5 days” along Meditterranean ports. According to statistics of the region of Liguria, these intellectually less demanding tourists who embark or disembark in Genoa, are increasingly interested in staying in the Liguria area for an extra few nights. Cruise passengers are half of all toursist who visit the region and due to their increasing numbers, the region has to update its scarce accommodation facilities. The number of cruise passengers in transit in Liguria is having an increasingly significant impact on the economy of the territory. For this reason the Region has launched a series of collaborative relationships with some cruise companies that operate in the various Ligurian ports. In 2007 more than 1,400,000 cruise passengers were registered in the region with most overnights in Genoa, La Spezia, Portofino and Savona. Is Cinque Terre ready for mass tourism?