The Ligurian Coast of Cinque Terre is getting increasingly popular among individual tourists interested in walking and scenery. Since infrastructure is underdeveloped in the region, it is always a challange to secure adequate accommodation or transportation in the area. Good news for 2008 is that the FIR (Regional Investment Fund) intend to invest almost 5 million euros to support tourism in Liguria. The measure allocates a rotation fund for companies to renew accommodation and bathing facilities and to restyle tourism information offices in the territory through the renovation of properties and the purchase of new computer equipment. The rotation fund will also serve to improve hotels, campgrounds, inns, private lodgings and bathing establishments. It is a measure that is very important in the overall process of renewing tourism accommodations and bathing facilities in this popular touristic area. For now, there are some regular daily tours to Cinque Terre from La Specia for people interested in discovering Italy’s second most beautiful coast.