The Tourism Office of Lake Como indicated positive tourism data for the third quarter of 2007 for the beautiful region of Como lake and its surroundings. Room occupancy was greater than the regional figure, 49% compared to 46% in June; 62% compared to 59% in July and 67% compared to 63% in August. The data were provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Como and indicate an increase in bookings for the last quarter as well. The lengthening of the season due to global warming positively influenced tourism figures for the fall since Italy is considered too hot to visit in the summer. The positive increase during the fall of 2007 compared to the 2006 figues can be contributed to more Italians and especially to international visitors. Foreigners have increased 14% on average in respect the visitor nights

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  1. Como is a must see in Italy!It is a spectacular combination of tranquility and snow capped mountains. There are no words to describe the magical beauty of this place.It is approximately 45 km from Milan. So if you happen to be there don’t miss a chance to visit Lake Como.Enjoy the stunning views, take a ferry ride along the lake and soak up the atmosphere of the charming little villages!

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