What is ‘panna cotta’?


a) a deep pan pizza invented by Pizza Hut, Italia S.a.

b) malted wholemeal bread

c) cooked cream

d) pasta with cottage cheese and rocket


Which of these is a type of rice?


a) arborio

b) rizzi

c) farfalle

d) garganelli


Which of these is a vegetable?


a) cannellini

b) canditi

c) colifiori

d) cappriccio



Where does chianti come from?


a) Superiore

b) Toscana

c) Reggio Chiantini Rosso, Sicily

d) between Secco and Asti spumante


What is the famous dessert from Sicily called?


a) canneloni

b) canoli

c) canola

d) candelabra


What alcoholic drink is a translation of ‘witch’?


A) morticia

b) grappa

c) strega

d) amaretti


What is Mozzarella cheese made from?


a) ewe’s milk

b) buffalo’s milk

c) goat’s milk

d) milk of human kindness


What is the name of the Sardinian cheese crawling with maggots?


a) dragoncello

b) azzuro grigetti

c) casu marzu

d) maggerotti


An ‘osteria’ is a what?


a) an oyster/seafood bar

b) a wine bar with food

c) a McDonald’s in Ostia serving ‘ostra panini’

d) a hostel without restaurant


What is the name for ‘bolognese’ sauce in Bologna?


a) bolognese

b) ragu

c) sugo bollicine

d) pomodoro con carne


UK Queen Elizabeth’s favourite dessert?


a) zuccine

b) zafferano

c) zabaglione

d) zuccero


Tiramisu was invented when?


a) 1780’s

b) 1920’s

c) 1870’s

d) 1960’s





(no cheating now….)

cookedcream/arborio/cannellini/Toscana/canoli/strega/buffalo’s milk/casu marzu/a wine bar with food/ragu/zabaglione/1960’s



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