Despite the US economic crises, tourism to Italy is on the rise again. According to the latest yearly report of Tourism and Culture by The Touring Club Italiano, there is a shift in consumption trends. The 400 page-long publication provides statistics on incoming and local tourism alike. In foreign tourism the reigning region is Veneto (Venice and area) with 56.4 million overnights, followed by Lazio (Rome and area) (47.3 million) and Lombardy, the area of Milan and the Northern Lakes. (46.7 million). There is a decline at the moment in seaside tourism, due to the effects of increased competition with other Mediterranean countries like Greece, Croatia, Spain and Turkey where beaches are less crowded and usually larger. Mountain tourism is growing, with a 14.2 point increase compared to the previous year, but the leading sector, as always, is cultural tourism, which is responsible for 46.5% of incoming tourism income.