Part III: Food, drink, eggs and…… chocolate.  
As Easter is the end of the Lent ‘fast’, food naturally plays a major part in the celebrations. Eggs and roasted lamb are common elements everywhere. A generous supply of good wine is, naturally, a requisite.

Eggs represent life, fertility and renewal; all essentially symbolic. Dyed or decorated eggs abound and eggs are often found in soups and in a traditional Easter pie (Torta Pasqualina). Roast lamb, or sometimes kid, is a symbol of birth and the shepherd, Artichokes are popular (an imagery, I can’t explain) and special Easter breads vary from region to region. Pannetone and Colomba(dove shaped) breads, are the most well-known.

As in many countries, hollow chocolate eggs, sometimes with a gift inside are given. The tradition is dying out but, years ago, an engagement ring was often enclosed as a marriage proposal!

The biggest chocolate Easter egg in the world, measured over ten metres in height. The egg weighed over seven tons and must have kept the children  of Cortenuova happy for months