Cycling in Ravenna, Ferrara and other art cities

The Festival City of Ravenna is promoting bicycle tourism. The project, promoted by the National Confederation of Artisanship and Small and Medium Enterprises of Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì-Cesena, is part of a more extensive project of the provincial administrations of the three cities to create a local tourism system. The territory has numerous excellent attractions: the parks of the Po Delta and the Casentino Forests; important artistic and cultural cities, Ravenna, Ferrara, Faenza, Cesena and Forlì; a series of smaller towns and small villages full of charm and seaside resorts like Cervia-Milano Marittima, Cesenatico, Comacchio and its beaches. The objective is to connect these various attractions with cycling paths that make best use of tourism, territorial, cultural and natural landscape resources. Cycling tourism is being promoted as a form of ‘slow tourism’, which can become an important resource for enriching tourism offerings and deseasonalising them

Rimini New Convention Centre

The popular Italian sun destination, Rimini on the Adriatic Cost will boost a new convention centre which has been under construction for the past few weeks. It will be built with all of the latest technologies. “The structure has been planned and designed for maximum efficiency and versatility and will be able to provide effective answers to every type of client and for every type of event,” explained the technical director of Rimini Fiera, Nazario Pedini. “It is a multi-functional convention centre that will host different types of events at the same time. It will, therefore, be equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies from every point of view.” including stage machinery, audio systems, simultaneous translation systems, stage lighting, the platforms, television cameras and video projection systems. The question is would the sun resort of Rimini need a year-round functioning venue such as this one?

Reopening of Royal Palace of Venaria

More than 7500 tourists visited the re-opening of the Royal Palace of Venaria near Turin where an exhibition on the history of the Savoy Family was organized with 450 pieces from all around the world. The event was filmed by the English director Peter Greenaway in the huge Baroque gardens surrounding the Palace. Many foreign visitors were present.

Siena Art Collection

Private Collection of Pietro Bonci Casuccini on Display at the Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala in Siena and also at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Chiusi until November 4. In Tuscany, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, the famous collector, Pietro Bonci Casuccini will be remembered. The event celebrates the gathering of the most distinguished private collections in Italy after 150 years. The exhibition presents a huge variety of works taken from a selection of over 200 pieces ranging from sarcophaguses, stones, statues, urns, Greek and Etruscan ceramics and bronzes, all that the public can admire every day during the entire duration of the exhibit

Tuscany Travel Increase

In 2006 Tuscany registered more than 40 million tourists, for a 5.9% increase with respect to the previous year and an absolute value of 40,497,331 overnights, almost 6% growth in the total number of tourists in 2006 explained Anna Rita Bramerini, the Regional Councillor for Tourism, Trade and Spas, with Italian figures up 5.3% and foreign figures up 6.5% (19,190,000 in absolute values). “These data – she added – tell us that the paths that we have undertaken to overcome the difficulties of the market are correct: innovation, quality, the development of typicality, and integrated promotion”. The lion’s share was taken by the sea, which registered a general increase of 7.9%, with approximately 16,352,000 overnights, of which 4,775,000 were foreign (up 8.3% with respect to 2005) Increased Travel to Tuscany is continuing in 2007