The 2007-2013 National Strategic Policy Law is providing cities with 5.4 million euros to invest in tourism and culture. This information comes from a study done by Cittalia – ANCI Ricerche on behalf of the Department of Public Functions. “The structural funds are destined to increase the attractiveness of the territory in terms of tourism to make it competitive through interventions that are more selective with respect to the past,” explained Alfredo Scalzo, the head of the research team. “Another chage in the EC strategic plan is the Inter-regional Operating Programme (POIN) for the development of ‘cultural, natural, and tourism attractors’ in Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Puglia.” According to Cittalia – the ANCI structure dedicated to the studies – the implementation of this programme, which is in the midst of the approval process, could transform southern Italy into a tourism centre of the Mediterranean that is able to compete at the international level.