A light-hearted quiz on all things Italian…..

Answers at the bottom of the page and NO cheating!


When McDonalds first opened in Italy, what did the food purists do at the entrance?

Squirted everyone with red, white and green paint

Gave away free plates of pasta

Offered 10% off a ‘puttanesca double cheeseburger’

Commited mass suicide


Which is the oldest university in Europe?






How many square miles did the Roman Empire cover?

 Less than half a million

One million

Two million

Three million


Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini tried to eliminate foreign words. Donald Duck became “Paperino.” Mickey Mouse became?

 Topo Gigio




Football fans in Italy are called tifosi, meaning?

 Typhoid carriers

Babies in nappies

Aggressive hooligans

Ardent fans


An Italian asks his Spanish friend to put the butter ‘burro’ on the table. What does the Spaniard do?


Go to the market to buy a donkey

Look for a Mexican supermarket

Find a drug trafficker

Roast and carve the village idiot

All of them

None of them

There is a restaurant within a high-security prison in Volterra where you eat with plastic cutlery under security cameras and bright lights, your table pianist is a convicted serial killer and you need to book months in advance to secure a table?



‘Grappa’ is?

 A female wrestler

A drink that often tastes like nail varnish remover and can cause blindness and insanity

A grapefruit cocktail

A variety of head lice

The original Mafia characters in Sicily most resembled?

 Robin Hood

Machine Gun Kelly

Al Capone

Joseph Stalin

Robert di Nero


What would you do at the Gran Ballo Delle Maschere?

 Dance to pounding rap music from Machere

Put on a mask

Watch a league cup football match

Make a papier-mache beachball

Elba was home to?

 The ancestors of Idris Elba

Gracie Fields

The Emperor Napoleon

John and Yoko Lennon



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Answers: Gave away free plates of pasta/Bologna/Two million/Topolino/Typhoid carriers/All of them/True/A drink that tastes like nail varnish remover and can cause blindness and insanity/Robin Hood/Put on a mask/The Emperor Napoleon