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‘Di tre cose è piena , torri , campane e figli di puttane’ (filled with three things, towers, bells and sons of whores). Where is it?


a) Palermo
b) Siena
c) Naples
d) Turin
e) Puttanesca


St Peter of Vatican fame was?


a) crucified upside down
b) the first ‘pope’
c) a fisherman
d) a man who cut off ears
e) all of them
f) none of them

Which port is known as the ‘Superba’?

a) Bari
b) Genoa
c) Trieste
d) Ostia
e) Brindisi

Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

Look at the photo. Who lived here?

a) King Umberto XI
b) Il Doge
c) Mussolini
d) Berlusconi
e) Caligula


Which city is known as ‘la Bella’?

a) Rome
b) Milan
c) Florence
d) Bellagio
e) Venice

A city which, in Italian, is the anagram for the latin word for ‘love’?

a) Parma
b) Rimini
c) Rome
d) Verona
e) Levo


The Campo dei Miracoli (Place of the Miracles) is where?

a) Vatican City
b) Assisi
c) Pisa
d) Jerusalem
e) Turin

fontana de triton

In the photo, what is the name of the figure in the statue?

a) Neptune
b) Triton
c) Fontus
d) Aquarius
e) Oceanus

If someone tells you that you are doing something ‘con brio’?

a) you thank them
b) you call the police
c) you get arrested as a sexual deviant
d) you apologise to Brio’s wife and family
e) you damn him as a ‘crazy eyetie’


Brunello de Montalcino is?

a) a famous drag queen from Montalcino
b) a red wine
c) the Italian heavyweight boxing champion
d) a type of lemon marmalade
e) a painting by Giotto

‘Lucca’ is?

a) filthy money
b) a medieval city
c) an under-aged porno star beloved of Berlusconi
d) an early form of pizza
e) a renaissance form of chiaroscuro art

Casina delle Civette

Look at the photo. Who lived here?

a) Pinocchio
b) Liberace
c) Garibaldi
d) Mussolini
e) Rossini

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Answers: Siena /all of them / Genoa/ Il Doge/ Florence/ Rome (amor:Roma)/ Pisa/ Triton/ you thank them / a red wine/ a medieval city/Mussolini