Italy Travel Tourism

Winter tourism showed a positive trend in Italy’s most famous ski region, in the Province of Bolzano, Alto Adige at the South Tirol region of Italia. The results indicate a growing tendency in terms of visitor overnight, with a 7.1% increase in arrivals and a 7% increase in overnight spending. “We are satisfied with this increase in arrivals and overnights” explained Councillor Thomas Widmann., but if we want to continue this positive trend in the next winter season as well, we must realise that tourists who come to Alto Adige during this period of the year are not just interested in skiing. Beyond the trails the region must be able to guarantee an increasingly rich offer: including cultural activities, excursions, guided visits and shopping “. Bolzano nestled in a valley sourrounded by rolling hills is delightful all year around and is the gateway to the famous Dolomites. The region is frequented year around by mountian climbers, hikers, lovers of flowering Alpine medows and quaint villages.

Gardaland at Lake Garda Italy

Gardaland, Italy’s number one most popular amusement park on the eastern shore of Lake Garda is opening its 23rd year. This year the third most popular theme part in Europe is welcoming visitors with new attractions. “Mammut”, which has just opened, is a ride that spreads out over 5,000 square metres, over a route of approximately 4 minutes, with 16 sudden changes in direction and drops up to 48%: it is the largest family roller coaster in Italy. For 2008 the show Hollywood Dreams will also been shown at the Gardaland Theatre. The growth of Gardaland has been exponential: with 3 million visitors per year it is becoming an increasingly popular tourism destination point. Lake Garda is the warmest of the beautiful Italian lakes and it is the most popular among excursioners ond weekend holiday seekers

Mass Tourism Reaching Sicily

Historic Sicily’s charm is gone. The British Mass tourism giant , Thomas Cook recently purchased the hotel chain Hotels4U with the purpose of turning historic Sicily into a mass tourism site with air and land packages sold to British citizens. The largest British tour conglomerate announced an increase in its presence on the island after having made agreements with 15 Sicilian accommodation structures. According to the ICE office in Palermo, the priority objective is expanding the network of hotels on the largest island in the Mediterranean.

With an aching heart we say goodbye to ambiance, quaintness, and cultural tourism in one of the last unspoiled corners of Italy!

Mass Tourism in Cinque Terre

Liguria is getting more and more popular among mass market cruise passengers of mediocre cruise ships offering “6 country experience in 5 days” along Meditterranean ports. According to statistics of the region of Liguria, these intellectually less demanding tourists who embark or disembark in Genoa, are increasingly interested in staying in the Liguria area for an extra few nights. Cruise passengers are half of all toursist who visit the region and due to their increasing numbers, the region has to update its scarce accommodation facilities. The number of cruise passengers in transit in Liguria is having an increasingly significant impact on the economy of the territory. For this reason the Region has launched a series of collaborative relationships with some cruise companies that operate in the various Ligurian ports. In 2007 more than 1,400,000 cruise passengers were registered in the region with most overnights in Genoa, La Spezia, Portofino and Savona. Is Cinque Terre ready for mass tourism?