Christmas at the Amalfi Coast

Increased Christmas visits to the Amalfi Coast were concentrating on 4 and 5 star hotels while there was decrease in 3 star hotels stays. Average duration of Christmas trips was 3 nights, two-three days, before and around New Year’s Eve. Last minute travel is saving the coast with a discreet flow of tourists. “On the Amalfi coast there were tourism flows, but with shorter stays,” said the President of hoteliers in the Province of Salerno Industry section, Lorenzo Cinque. “From Positano to Amalfi tourists went a bit everywhere to visit the nearby charming island of Capri, Herculanum and Naples. Visitors were also favoured by the good weather, but if transportation had been better organised, the area would have had visitors in even larger numbers. Visit beautiful Amalfi, and its famous Coast

Rome the number One destination for Americans

Rome is the 4th most popular travel destination for American Tourists according to the annual Travel Trends Survey of 2008. The Italian capital is the first long distance destinations for Americans right after the short and medium range Caribbean cruises, Cancun and the Mayan coast in Mexico. Rome is far ahead of London, which is the second European city on the list, and has the 8th place of combined short-and longer range trips. The growing interest in Italy is also demonstrated by other cities in the top twenty with Venice in clear recovery at the sixteenth and up seven places, and Florence, fourteenth, having climbed one spot. In addition, Mediterranean cruises, which will also bring traffic to Italian destinations, are in fifth place. There is a growing interest in smaller towns of historical interest as well like Verona, Parma and the Tuscan hill towns.. for further go to

Emperor Hadrian in Rome and Lazio Italy

In the Footsteps of Emperor Hadrian is the name of the program announced by The Councillor for Economic Development and Tourism of the Lazio Region in Italy (Rome). It is going to be a joint venture with the British Museum. At the major exhibition in London dedicated to Emperor Hadrian some visitors to the show may win weekends in Lazio, the province of Rome, Italy. The initiative, called ‘Sulle orme di Adriano’ (In the Footsteps of Hadrian) is in addition to the promotion of religious tourism, with itineraries amongst sanctuaries and abbeys and boat excursions on the Tiber River. Over the last few months tourism from South America, Mexico and Brazil has increased and tourism from the United States is at 25 percent. Of course, eternal Rome and its province is always a popular destination with its many ancient ruins, hill-top towns and super museums. more on to visit Rome

Palermo Sicily New Tourism Information

Palermo Sicily is introducing new tourism informations centers. The project to renew, reorganise and develop the tourism information points in the city of Palermo has been long over due. The new Tourism Information Centres will be located along main touristic itineraries close to historic monuments and will be supported by a large data base on sites to see, accommodation, theaters, cultural events, tourism services and practical information on the city. The multilingual staff will be able to help with booking services for group and student visits to monumental palaces belonging to the city. The Palermo tourism offices will be connected to an international tourism call centre. For more on Sicily travel click here

Liguria Tourism Update

The Ligurian Coast of Cinque Terre is getting increasingly popular among individual tourists interested in walking and scenery. Since infrastructure is underdeveloped in the region, it is always a challange to secure adequate accommodation or transportation in the area. Good news for 2008 is that the FIR (Regional Investment Fund) intend to invest almost 5 million euros to support tourism in Liguria. The measure allocates a rotation fund for companies to renew accommodation and bathing facilities and to restyle tourism information offices in the territory through the renovation of properties and the purchase of new computer equipment. The rotation fund will also serve to improve hotels, campgrounds, inns, private lodgings and bathing establishments. It is a measure that is very important in the overall process of renewing tourism accommodations and bathing facilities in this popular touristic area. For now, there are some regular daily tours to Cinque Terre from La Specia for people interested in discovering Italy’s second most beautiful coast.