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Escorted Tours in Italy

Large selection of  escorted, guided tours to Italy (Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Rome, Tuscany, Venice and more.

Please click on the names of the tours below to get the detailed itineraries, dates and prices and do not hesitate to contact us with your queries.

Escorted Italian tours St Peters Basilica

Departures from Rome

Italy North and South Tour   2R 12 days/11 nights Monday departures from Rome Apr – Oct 2017
Scenic Italy
 with Tuscany, Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast # 32  R  between April and Oct 2017
Rome with Amalfi Coast  3R 8 days 7 nights until
 Oct 2017
Classic Italy  #1I 6 days 5 nights  operating May-  October 2017
Italia Bella  4I  9 days 8 nights April to October 2017
North Italian Tour with Scenic Lakes    31R 6 days 5 nights on Mondays Rome-Milan until Oct 2017
Mini Northern Art Tour    5R 6 nights 7 days  or 3 nights 4 days from Rome
Apr-Oct 2016
Florence and Venice   6R 4 nights 5 days or 6 nights 7 days Jan – Oct 2017
Rome with Amalfi Coast  3R 8 days 7 nights  until Oct 2017
South Italy vacation with Amalfi  7R 7nights 8days or 4 nights 5 days Apr – Oct 2017
Tour of Amalfi Coast with Pompeii  6 days or 3 days  until October 2017
Mini South Italy Holiday   8R 5 nights 6 days or 2 nights 3 days until March 2018
Highlights of South Italy – 9R – 8 day 7 nights or 5 days 4 nights  To Sorento Capri Apulia, Basilicata  Apr – Oct 2017
Italia Bella  4I  9 days 8 nights April to October 2017

Tuscany and Cinque Terre from Rome – 1R – 7 days 6 nights or 4 days 3 nightsItaly ecorted tour to Amalfi Apr – Oct 2017
Cinque Terre and Tuscany Vacation with Sorrento  21R  6 nights 7 days Apr -Oct  2017

Italy Holiday with Northern Italian Lakes – 12I
8 days 7 nights Apr-Oct 2017

Departures from Rome or Sorrento to Sicily  

Sorrento to Sicily trip –  16Z 6nights/7days 6 Apr – 28 Oct

Departures from Sorrento, Milan, Venice or Florence 

Northern Italy Lakes from Milan  19 I 4days/3nights from   April  to Oct 2017
Milan to Rome in 8 days  20I   8days 7 nightsItalian Vista daily departures with 3 and 4 star hotel  until 31 Oct
Short trip from Florence to Venice   23R 3days 2nights  ending in Rome Apr –  Oct 2016
Basilicata and Apulia with Matera   17R from Sorrento ending in Sorrento or Rome  May to Oct 2017

Sicily Tours

Sicily Tour Classic  #24E 8 days/7 nights – The most popular program with regular departures from Palermo
Sicilian Panorama Escorted  25E 8days/7 nights from Catania Apr – Oct 2016
Sicily Short Vacation from Catania or Palermo   26E 5days/4nights Palermo – Segeste – Erice – Trapani – Palermo – Cefalu – Taormina – Etna-Taormina
Sicily Highlights Palermo – Agrigento -Taormina  27Z 8days/7nights Palermo, Monreale-Segesta-Erice-Selinunte, Agrigento, Taormina, Cefalu, Palermo – z
Sailboat Cruise around the Aeolian Islands  E – South Italy, Sicily island cruise 7nights/8days May-Oct